Monday, February 3, 2020

Chaleffs (1995) perception of leaders and followers Essay

Chaleffs (1995) perception of leaders and followers - Essay Example Leadership styles are an important component of a medical organization, but it is important to note that followers are responsible and determine their behaviour, which has an effect on service delivery. The relationship between a leader and a follower should be interrogated to ensure it is follower-centred for effectiveness and efficiency at a medical centre. Follower’s behaviours bear significant impacts owing to a leader’s style that is mediated by the self-determination of a follower. The confident demeanour of a leader can be cited as a factor contributing to their competence, but it can also be misconstrued to indicate a leader who stifles the participation of followers. It can be deduced that exhibition of nonverbal confident demeanour on the side of leaders contributes to decreased participation of followers in discussions (Chaleff, 2009). Staff nurses form an important component in any medical organization owing to the immense responsibilities they shoulder as they dedicate their services towards patient care. Nurses provide the direct contact between a medical organization and patients. This contact point is therefore, of immense importance in the promotion of values and policies upheld by hospital organizations. This in mind, the nursing fraternity within the organization is bound by some established structure, which is responsible for the oversight of responsibilities assigned to individual nurses. This hierarchal structure has clearly identified nurse leaders who work in tandem with other departments and report to the management of the organization (Chaleff, 2009). The clinical example to be cited is the routine activities of staff nurses who take care of the sick daily and are tasked with the responsibility of responding to emergencies. These staff nurses bear immense power collectively and as individuals and they determine the success or failure of a medical organization. The management of hospitals including nurse

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